The Chinese government implements environmental protection control; the brown fused alumina industry is affected.

May 14 , 2021
Recently, by the “Regulations on the Work of China’s Ecological and Environmental Protection Inspectors”, the second round of the third batch of central ecological, environmental protection inspectors has been fully launched. In this inspection, They organised eight ecological and environmental protection inspection teams to carry out inspections in 8 provinces (regions) in Shanxi, Liaoning, Anhui, Jiangxi, Henan, Hunan, Guangxi, and Yunnan for about one month. This time, we will focus on the supervision of “strictly controlling the “two highs” project blindly launching” and “looking back” on the implementation of capacity reduction.
On April 7, the inspection meeting of the China Ecological Environmental Protection Inspection Group was held in Zhengzhou. The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to fully understand that ecological civilisation construction and ecological environmental protection are essential components of national undertakings, give full play to the guiding and influential role of ecological, environmental protection, promote a comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development, and make green a distinctive feature of high-quality development—background colour.
According to the arrangement, the inspection period of the fifth ecological and environmental protection inspection team will be one month. What impact will the central environmental protection inspection have on the brown fused alumina industry in Henan Province? It remains to be observed.
Bauxite Market
This week, as the supply of high-grade bauxite ore in Henan, is still tight, it is expected that the price of raw bauxite ore in Henan may remain firm in the coming week.
Brown Fused Alumina Abrasive Market
This week, the pressure on the production cost of brown fused alumina remains unabated, the price of graphite electrodes continues to rise, and the raw material bauxite is still at a high level. However, because the downstream market demand level has not improved significantly, and the white fused alumina plays a role in suppressing the price of brown fused alumina, it is expected that the price of brown corundum is expected in the coming week abrasives in China may maintain the upward trend of pressure.